Rain again – 5 February 2021

We went for a walk anyway. Just a fairly short walk, because the rain got heavier and more persistent.

It was just a walk around St Mo’s pond …in the rain. However, we are lucky, as Scamp keeps telling me, to have the opportunity to walk somewhere nearby with a different view from the one out of our windows. Just once round today was enough because in that time we were soaked and I’d a few things to do. I took a photo in the pouring rain and that became PoD, mainly because it was the only PoD! I did a bit of editing to it before I deemed it good enough for public consumption. Little things, like changing the sky and adding digital rain to the sky. Little things!

I had meant to write to Margie after our phone conversation the other day, so I made time for that after lunch and sent her copies of the first four sketches of the February series. Then I doodled my thoughts on today’s prompt which was “Under Water”. None of them really looked worth progressing with. Then I tried the same idea from a different viewpoint and that was a much better picture. As usually happens, that rough pencil sketch got ink added and then some watercolour and it became the finished article. Yes, I know it’s still a bit rough, but l prefer that look, rather than yesterday’s overworked sketch. Loose, that’s the word I’m looking for.

I recently bought a DTP program and yesterday I downloaded an update for it which had a few neat tricks added, so I watched a video on how to do mail merge using it. Dearie me, that must have been the least clear, most complicated tutorial I’ve ever seen. I came away knowing less than I did when I started. I even watched it again after I’d had a cup of strong coffee, but it made no difference. It was as if I was watching a technical explanation in a different language. Worse still, the video was out of sync with the soundtrack, so it was difficult to see exactly what the disinterested lady was talking about. Great program, poor tutorial.

That was about it for today. Hoping the weather improves a bit tomorrow so we can get out somewhere for a walk in the dry.

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