Fairy Nuff – 7 December 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is not the fairy at the top of the Christmas tree, that status goes to the old fairy with the silver card wings, the paper underskirt and the gauze dress. She must be over 40 by now, but doesn’t look it, well not to me at least. No, this grumpy wee bear has been gracing our tree every year for about ten years or more and goes under the name of Fairy Nuff. It’s become a bit of a Christmas tradition to give her a chance to be POD, after all, she doesn’t get out much the rest of the year.

Spent an hour or so working on my 2016 calendar. Always an onerous, but also very enjoyable task. Then scrapped my acrylic painting but used the heavy body acrylics to do what they were intended to do, produce heavy impasto. I think it’s a waterfall. Maybe that’s just because there is so much water around just now, it’s certainly an abstract and was definitely a great deal of fun to paint.

Went to the Leisure Centre this afternoon for a swim followed by a shot in the steam room and the sauna. It’s was one of those days we’d talked about when we joined away back in May. A dull day with rain on the wind and nowhere to go. Ideal for a swim and a seat in the warm looking out the world and the mad golfers who were out banging golf balls around a sodden piece of grass. That’s not a game, that’s a form of torture. Not for me.

Nothing much else to say about today other than it was Sacr’s last night as salsa teacher and it was just as enjoyable as the other two. That said, it will be good to get Jamie Gal back next week for the last class of the year.