Fairy Nuff – 7 December 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is not the fairy at the top of the Christmas tree, that status goes to the old fairy with the silver card wings, the paper underskirt and the gauze dress. She must be over 40 by now, but doesn’t look it, well not to me at least. No, this grumpy wee bear has been gracing our tree every year for about ten years or more and goes under the name of Fairy Nuff. It’s become a bit of a Christmas tradition to give her a chance to be POD, after all, she doesn’t get out much the rest of the year.

Spent an hour or so working on my 2016 calendar. Always an onerous, but also very enjoyable task. Then scrapped my acrylic painting but used the heavy body acrylics to do what they were intended to do, produce heavy impasto. I think it’s a waterfall. Maybe that’s just because there is so much water around just now, it’s certainly an abstract and was definitely a great deal of fun to paint.

Went to the Leisure Centre this afternoon for a swim followed by a shot in the steam room and the sauna. It’s was one of those days we’d talked about when we joined away back in May. A dull day with rain on the wind and nowhere to go. Ideal for a swim and a seat in the warm looking out the world and the mad golfers who were out banging golf balls around a sodden piece of grass. That’s not a game, that’s a form of torture. Not for me.

Nothing much else to say about today other than it was Sacr’s last night as salsa teacher and it was just as enjoyable as the other two. That said, it will be good to get Jamie Gal back next week for the last class of the year.

St Andy’s Day – 30 November 2015

combo-bThe last day of November!  It started with rain, as have most of the days recently.  I had a full agenda today with a trip to Glasgow quite prominent.  I’d decided to go on the bus, thereby saving money since I had all day to go, shop and come back before dinner time.  Scamp was out with Gems singing in the afternoon, so the day was my own.  I wrapped up well and headed off to the bus stop, then remembered that the timetable changed earlier this month and I was now five minutes late for the bus.  Did I dare try to become one of the 700 who daily park at the station, or did I drive in to Glasgow, park in the exorbitant Concert Hall carpark and pay a king’s ransom for the privilege?  A dilemma.  I opted for the train.  Hey, it’s Monday.  Some folk will probably be having a long weekend and not going to work, so the carpark won’t be crammed full with people parking on the verges, in the turning circles and in the flower beds.  Strangely, for once, that’s exactly what happened.  Hunners of spaces.  Well maybe not hunners, but enough.  I got a space easily.  Even better, I got my ticket walked on to the platform and the train appeared.  As if by magic.  Sometimes things just happen for you.

By the time I got to Glasgow the sun had come out, the rain had stopped and the day was looking good.  Dandered through ‘The Toon’ and got what I was looking for, just the essentials.  I also saw some things that I’d like, like a new SSD (not to be confused with an S T D which is a totally different thing … or so I’m told) for the Mac.  Shh, don’t tell The Mac, it’s meant to be a surprise.  It might be its Chrissy Prezzy.  I saw a Sandisk 480GB one for £99 in Maplin and almost bought it, but decided to check on-line to see what price I could get it for there and to read some reviews.  As I thought, Amazon had one for £73.  Same make and same model.  It’s now on the shopping list, along with a new battery for the same unibody device.

In Glasgow I wandered around St Enoch’s Christmas Market.  How much longer will we be able to say ‘Christmas‘ without breaking some EEC law?  It’s ludicrous that we have to change our traditional names because we’re frightened of upsetting some group or other.  Moves are already afoot to change Easter holidays to Spring holidays because it offends some religious groups.  Doesn’t ‘Spring’ holiday offend Wiccans and Neopagans or some other nature loving group?  You can’t win.  Just leave it as it is and if other groups don’t like the word, then they don’t have to use it.  Simples!

Got some photos in and around the St Enoch area.  I’ve been watching the light on the new underground station there and the way it contrasts to the old St Enoch building with the clock tower.  Most impressed with the steel and glass structure.

Quick cup of coffee and a granola from Laboratorio Espresso and got the train home.  Overall a good day, greatly helped by the unexpected ease of parking at the station and by the glorious sunshine.  The down side was having to scrape the windscreen of the car before going out to Salsa tonight.  Oh well, you can’t have it both ways.  I much prefer the clean cold to the miserable rain.

The Bonny (x2) Banks – 25 November 2015

DSC_4429-Edit- blog--329On paper, this looked like the best day of the week. I thought it would be good to go to Lomond Shores which, although it’s really just a collection of expensive tacky touristy shops, does have Loch Lomond as a backdrop. Today it also had, what must have been the slowest workforce in creation apparently laying down a new pedestrian walkway. This must be a new definition of ‘work‘ and ‘force‘. There was very little work being done and with the minimum of force. The shops seemed to be overloaded with Christlefridge tat. I really can’t stand this nonsense. Buy in cheap crap, stack it high, sell it dear and then sell off what’s left as ‘bargain’ items after the celebrations are over. Bah Humbug.

The upside of the visit was the scenery around the loch itself. With clouds scudding across the sky, the constantly changing light on the hills was fascinating. It was also good to see the seaplane landing on the loch. It must have been a beautiful flight today. One lucky day with the light just right.

The evening was spent trying once again to fix the Finder problem on the Mac. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before. If I have, you won’t want to hear about the lack of progress and if I haven’t, I won’t bore you with it. Suffice to say that the search continues.