Tidying up – 25 May 2016

25 May bA day to get things sorted out.  Not actual tidying up, no, this was tidying up loose ends in my life

This morning I had my test results from the doc, well, the sister actually.  All was good.  In particular she was impressed with my weight loss.  After that I got some financial stuff sorted out.  It should have been done in February, but today it was sorted.  In the afternoon, I had my checkup with the dentist and that also went well.

In between, we had lunch which was a duck egg each, courtesy of one of JIC’s friends.  I’d forgotten just how good duck eggs are and these ones were really, really good.  Thanks Ali and thank you ducks!

I didn’t have any PoD, so I went out for a drive later, but couldn’t settle on anything in particular, so I did what I usually do and took some flower shots in the wild.  That’s the one on the left.  I wasn’t all that happy with that, so managed to get some shots of the garden aquilegia then cropped four wee sharp pieces from them and then assembled the four in Potatoshop.  I’m better pleased with that, but it was a fair bit of work.

Dinner was some of the meat from Baldock, but no dinosaur bone yet, I’m keeping that for the weekend.

A lot done today, but still a lot to do.  Hopefully tonight will see the blog up to date.  Another loose end tidied.

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