Unsettled – 11 September 2015


For the last ex-work day this week, I was up and out by 7.20 to wander St Mo’s.  Took some old bread to feed the ducks, but they didn’t seem all that interested.  The swans were happy to snap up their allocation, but the ducks raced halfway across the pond, then just sat there watching.  Look ducks, coots and sundry waterfowl, this is just any old bread, this is Marks & Sparks bread.  Ok, have it your own way (or don’t actually), but the seagulls will be mobbing in a couple of minutes for it.

No deer, and the light just wasn’t what I wanted this morning.  I can’t explain it, it just wasn’t right.  Yes, it was bright and directional, but I didn’t find it creative.
I got a few shots of a spider on its web and another of backlit leaves.  My third one is one of a flock of birds that kept flitting across the trees.  The rest of the shots were deleted.  The images from both the Nikon and Oly are taking up an amazing amount of space on the drive and I have to be more exacting in my attempt at reducing the amount of junk photos on the drive.

Scamp thought I was looking a bit fidgety and took me out for a coffee at lunchtime.  I have to agree that I was a bit restless this afternoon.  That’s what happens when you don’t get the photos you wanted in the morning!

Larger versions of today’s pics are available for viewing on my Flickr account.  All photos copyright of Donald Campbell and are digitally watermarked and therefore are not available for use by anyone except me.  If you wish to use them, please contact me in the first instance by using the comment section on this page.

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