Stay at home – 14 May 2020

Sometimes I obey the rules, sometimes I don’t. Today I did.

Scamp asked me to make her a custom facemark, like mine but from different fabric. She chose dark blue gardening print for her mask, with a light blue reverse. Surprisingly it only took me an hour and a bit to make it. When I made mine it took me about two hours and it was much uglier than hers. The first one I made is very clumsy by comparison and took about four hours all in. Just to make this one different from mine, I added a barrier between the two cloth layers. I’ve read that you can use coffee filter paper as the barrier, but I didn’t have any, so I used a double thickness of thin interfacing instead. It is a bit restrictive, but not too bad. She seemed pleased with it and we agreed that we should wear them when we’re in shops. It will feel strange at first and it may not be all that effective, but it will be better than nothing. At least folk will get a laugh out of my Mickey Mouse Mask!

I didn’t have a photo today and I didn’t really want to go for a walk in St Mo’s, so I grabbed some photos of flowers in the garden. My favourite was the Aquilegia which doesn’t have a name but is quite a delicate looking flower and it got PoD. It was a close run thing with Scamp’s Azalea, Koningsstein. I posted both on Flickr, but the aquilegia still won.

It was cold today, despite the forecast south wind. The sun was here and gone all day and there were heavy clouds threatening rain all day, but not came. It looks now as if we will get a few heavy showers at the weekend. We’ll wait and see.

Not a lot else of note today but Scamp made an excellent Fish ’n’ Chips for dinner with a beautiful piece of Haddock. Really enjoyed that.

No plans for tomorrow, but I may phone Wheelcraft to enquire after my front wheel.

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