A man with a plan – 2 September 2019

Today I had plans to organise a busy day. They sort of worked too.

Today was a Monday and Mondays can be split easily into three parts. Morning – Just relax, because it’s going to get busy later
Afternoons – Get out of the way of Gems for a couple of hours
Evenings – Another couple of hours and it’s time for bed.

In the morning I put the finishing touches to the picture of the four apples I’ve been messing around with. It started out as a wet-in-wet watercolour. That rarely works, but when it does it looks great. It didn’t work. The rule then is if there’s enough good stuff in it, try wet-on-dry and add ‘glazes’ and see if that improves the situation. That can work. If it doesn’t, just tear it up. You’re wasting your time. I tried ‘glazes, which are layers of thin, transparent watercolour that gradually build up a range of colours. So far I’m happy with it. It’s certainly better than it was yesterday. I will do no more to it.

By the time I got it looking reasonable, it was lunchtime and after lunch, Gems would descend and I’d get away. Today I’d to take some rubbish to the local tip, then collect my stuff from Colin and finally post a CD to Crawford & Nancy. I actually got all those done in a couple of hours, which pleased me.

Then it was time to make dinner after a quick flight in X-plane 11. I’m still not getting the hang of flying with instruments. Years ago I could do this quite simply. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong now. More practise required.

After dinner we were out to Salsa and learned a couple of new moves called, confusingly New Move, New Move 2 and Other New Move. Stayed for two classes, but was getting bored and tired by the end.

Decided that today’s PoD would be the painting of the apples and so it transpired.  Not a bad day.  Got stuff done, even if it rained from morning until night.

Tomorrow I’ve to take the car to Stirling for service and the rest of the day is my own … possibly!

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