Dreicher – 13 November 2016


It’s a new word, dreicher.  It’s not in the dictionary yet, but with a few more days like today it will be. It suits the circumstances today.  It’s been dull and rainy all day.  I think we had the the house lights on all afternoon.

I was hardly out of the hose today.  Today’s shot of Mr Squirrel was taken through the kitchen window.  I spent most of the day trying to rebuild the partition table of an external hard drive that I broke a few weeks ago.  One of the old PCs is still struggling with the task as I write this.  I’ve not got a great deal of hope in it working, but it was my fault that broke it.  Luckily it was a drive that contained a backup of a backup of my photos.  It’s all about belts and braces.  I just checked today and it looks like I have about 15 years of photos in a variety of hard disks scattered around the house.  Maybe I should take the time to build just one more backup …  Or maybe not.

Scamp wasn’t feeling very well after lunch.  I think it’s down to too much light breakfasts.  What she needs is another week of fresh fruit followed by a fried breakfast …  Or maybe not!

Hoping for just a little light tomorrow with ISO speeds in three digits.

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