Independence Day – 24 June 2016

24 JuneWasn’t that the title of a disaster movie from the ’90s? Looks like it’s also a disaster reality of the mid early 20teens too. I couldn’t believe that two bumbling idiots, well three if you include Gove, managed to persuade 51odd precent of the British public that they could actually sail us through the uncharted waters of a Brexit withdrawal from the EEC. I’m not a great supporter of the EEC, but much better the devil you know than the devils with no brains and no policies. It’s like the Monster Raving Loonie Party winning a general election and suddenly finding they had to make up a parliament. I don’t for one minute believe that these Spitting Image puppets could make a decision without phoning their mummy. It will be as one ex colleague said tonight: “There are interesting times ahead”. I think there’s a Chinese curse along the lines of: “May you live in interesting times”.

I went in to Glasgow tonight to a retiral ‘do’ for a couple of teachers from my old school. It was good to see some old faces that I recognised from the past. Other teachers that had found the light at the end of the tunnel was sunlight. Good to see that others are still making their way towards it. Also good to see that there are others still attempting to climb that greasy pole. Good luck with that, people.

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