It didn’t get any better – 12 August 2016

DSC_6090- flickr--225Got up. Had coffee. Went to the physio to be ‘manipulated’, pummelled, stretched and have pins stuck in my shoulder. All the while listening to the Zumba instructor next door exhorting her class to “Don’t give up now!!” (It beats me why people go to these classes to listen to ‘thump-thump’ music while sweating half their body fluids away and being castigated by a skinny sadistic instructor. It must be the masochistic streak in the human race. You wouldn’t catch me being tortured for an hour and paying for it.) Rested for half an hour and then had more pummelling, stretching and ‘manipulation’ before being set free. Until next week. Came home. Had mince with an egg cooked in it served on a piece of bread for lunch (Quite a West of Scotland delicacy). Dinner was provided by Bombay Dreams and as usual their portions were enormous. Half today and half tomorrow, we decided. No point in stuffing ourselves. Not for breakfast, though à la N. D’Ag. No, reheated for tomorrow’s dinner.

It rained all day.

Tomorrow will be better say the weather fairies. Sunday will be sunny and warm they say. We can only live in hope. If not, construction of the Ark will begin tomorrow.

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