More wind, More wet – 23 May 2020

Thank you very much for your contribution to the watering of the garden and the ruffling of the leaves, but we have no need of your attention for now thank you. We will be in touch when we require more water from the sky.

Not just dull today. Dull, wet and windy. Nowhere to go. Nothing worth doing. Just fed up. It’s on days like this that Lockdown really bites. If it weren’t for lockdown we’d have gone out for lunch somewhere on a day like today. We wouldn’t have minded waiting to be seated in Milano or Cotton House. We’d have accepted that we hadn’t booked and couldn’t expect to be placed right away. It’s so different when there is no Milano and no Cotton House. There’s not even a Saturday, because nothing is in its familiar place, and some things may never be again.

I prowled around for a while with nothing to do. Kept thinking that the rain was drying up, then five minutes later it was battering against the window again. Eventually, after lunch I sat down in a plane at Piarco airport in Trinidad and flew to Tobago. Sunny skies and palm trees. That brightened an hour or so. Then I went and splattered some paint on a wee canvas, but that didn’t help, so I just rubbed it down and decided I’d paint something better tomorrow. Tomorrow may be a better painting day than today because the topic, which like all topics this May are Lockdown Friendly, is Where You Would Want To Be Now – using Google Street View. That’s a great topic. Pick a place and paint or draw it. Yes, I could go for that. As for today, it was a Water Glass.

Started an email before dinner, which for both of us was a reheat of yesterday’s, but we weren’t complaining. Finished the email after dinner. It was a difficult one to write, but I felt I had to write it to a friend who is facing cancer for the second or third time in their life. He’s a nice guy who doesn’t let it get him down. An example to us all.

Finally settled down to sketch the Water Glass and ended up fairly happy with it. It’s not really great, but I feel it’s ‘painterly’ enough to pass muster.

Today’s PoD is one of my chilli plants, a Cayenne pepper. This little guy has been sitting on the kitchen window sill since he was a seed. Now he’s produced a flower, so maybe he’s actually a she!

It actually looks as if the weather will be better tomorrow. Not so much rain and lessening wind an the chance, just the chance of some sunshine. We’ll see. We have no plans.

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