Talking to Andrew – 16 February 2021

Meeting this morning with the man who talks in $ and £ and € and …

Despite the fact that I understand very little of what he’s talking about, I thoroughly enjoy these meetings. Although he probably knows that don’t understand how these things work, he never talks down to me and explains it all so clearly at the same time. That’s a skill. The bottom line is that we’ll be able to eat for another week.

After the Zoom meeting Scamp went off in the wee red car to do some shopping in Tesco and I started to refill my paintbox which was running low on a few colours. I really should use the new paintbox I got after the first lockdown, but I like the old one and am using up some of my tube paints refilling the half pans in it. I had just finished refilling a half pan of Paynes Grey which is usually a bluish grey, when I discovered the tube was burst and I’d a neutral grey over my fingers. Not only was I covered in paint, but it was the wrong type of paint. I had to wash it out of the pan and hope there will be enough of the original blue-grey paint left. I was just finishing cleaning the sink when Scamp returned, but without some of the things I’d asked for. That’s the trouble with Tesco these days, or at least our Tesco, their stocks of certain things seem to disappear and take a long while to be replenished.

After lunch I went for a walk down to the shops to see if they had the sun dried tomatoes Tesco didn’t have. Thankfully they did have and I got some sour cream to go with the veg chilli I was making for dinner. Walked round St Mo’s on the way back and got today’s PoD there. It’s an orange ladybird, scientific name: Halyzia sedecimguttata. If it’s trying to get to the top of that ash tree it has a fair bit of climbing to do.

Chilli turned out a bit mild.  Even Scamp commented on its lack of spiciness.  I didn’t want to tell her it had half a chilli in it!  That’s usually enough.  Maybe next time I’ll put the seeds in too.

I have to admit I struggled with today’s prompt “Pancakes. I could find no way to make a decent fist of the drawing of a pancake. Then I looked at my plate which was a lot stickier and buttery than this, and there was the answer staring me in the face!  Painted with Derwent watercolours. First time I’ve used them seriously, but not impressed. Colours seem muddier, less transparent than W&N.

Happy Anniversary to Hazy & Neil D. Hope you had a great day.

Tomorrow we don’t have any plans at present.



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