The end of summer? – 18 August 2016

DSC_6158- flickr--231Today started cloudy and remained that way until the early afternoon when the sun finally broke through.

I went for a walk along the railway hoping to get some black and white shots, or more exactly, some shots that would transfer well into black and white. It didn’t happen.  I couldn’t settle on anything at all and came home with a few photos, but nothing that I would be happy to upload to Flickr.  Just as well really as Flickr is in one of its strunts when it refuses to upload any photos.  That is why today’s link takes you to the full size image instead of Flickr.  This is happening more and more recently of late to Flickr and makes me glad that I didn’t opt for a ‘Pro’ account, ie.  one that I have to pay for.  Flickr is owned by Yahoo and Yahoo appears to be in trouble at the moment, so it’s spending less and less money on peripherals like Flickr, so outages aren’t dealt with as an urgent need.  All it means is that I’ll upload tomorrow, not today.  It matters very little today as the only decent photo I got was the one above of some pansy seeds.

Rain due tomorrow.  The garden needs it.

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