The Hottest Day of the year – 30 June 2015

Today was hot.  Not pleasantly hot, but sticky, clammy, close hot with the threat of rain in the air.  Not a  day for doing the washing, but needs must etc.  So, I although I was up late this morning, I did get the washing OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAinto the washing machine and out on the line.  When Scamp came in she stated her intention to attack the field of grass in the front garden.  Being a non-gardener myself, I took the easier option and went out for a run on my bike.  As I’ve said, today was hot, so it was cycling top and cycling shorts for today’s run.  I went to the usual places and found very few damselflies and no dragonflies, so I started to look for the easier options of spiders.  It was while looking for the spiders I came upon a lacewing dangling from a leaf.  It took a bit of messing around before OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI found the right extension tube configuration for the image, but the result looked interesting.  Too many flies and midges to allow for any more photography here, so I headed home.  Just at the Barrs pond, I found lots of mating damselflies, but unfortunately they were all too far away.  Tried for a few, but without much luck.  The lacewing was the star performer of the day.

Today was hot.  I think I’ve said that before, but it’s worth repeating.  I am in Scotland after all.  Tomorrow is to be hotter.  Is that even possible?  There is the caveat that there will probably be thundershowers, but we’ve survived that in Venice, so it should be a dawdle in Scotland.

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