Thunder showers 6 November 2016

6 NovToday started with thundershowers, heavy rain.  Thankfully it didn’t last long.  I think I’ve got an infection in my eye, probably because of yesterday’s swim in the pool.  Lots of dirty people here of all nationalities. 

When the rain dried up we went for a short walk in the direction of Puerto del Carmen because we needed tonic for the G.  The weather didn’t look all that good, but we walked on a bit further to see if we could  find a chemist for some eye drops.  It being Sunday, all the ones we passed were closed.  There were a few spits of rain on the way, but we didn’t bother, we just ploughed on.  We already had the T for the G and lunch time was nearing so we both agreed to go to the Asian restaurant we’d seen yesterday.  Had lunch there, exactly the same meal as we’d had the last time – creatures of habit! 

By the time we came out the sun was shining.  Since Scamp’s feet weren’t hurting too badly, and we didn’t know where the chemist was, we headed back at a slower pace than normal, agreeing we’d get a taxi if we got too tired.  It was a pleasant walk back.  There was just time when we got back for Scamp to go sunbathing and for me to go for a walk over the lava rocks.

No dinner tonight as we were both pretty full from lunch.  I had a coffee and Scamp had a cup of peppermint tea and then, just to be sociable, we had a swift bit to eat, but a fairly minimal bite. 

After our frugal dinner we went to watch the kiddies show, a must for Scamp.  After that the singers were on in the theatre.  We sat through that then through the first three acts of the ‘Musical Express’ hilarious show.  It wasn’t meant to be funny, it just was!  Clumsy dancers, miming singers, and worst of all actual singers.  I hasten to add the actual singers were part of the entertainment team, the singing duo who preceded them were much, much better by comparison.  Still not good, just good by comparison.

Left the amateurs to their gyrations and wailing and went to watch the real stars from the balcony.  Tried for some star shots, but I don’t think they’re all that good.  Maybe tomorrow.

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