Visitors – 26 November 2016


Out before 10 this morning, just before 10, but not before I’d made some bread to have with today’s dinner.  Drove in to Glasgow to get some early Chrissy Prezzies and for me to return my Perspective book.  Didn’t even have time to drop in for a coffee before we headed back home, because there was more work to be done, preparing for our visitors.  I did manage to get a few shots with my 9mm Body Cap lens.

When we came home, Scamp started back on her part of the preparations and I kept out of the way, drove to Auchinstarry and walked along part of the canal hoping to see the secretive Kingfisher again, but no show.  Crossed over to the railway path and walked a bit further along it before doubling back and heading for the car.  Found a leaf embedded in a slab of ice and managed to balance it on a frosted fence post to get a few shots of it.

Came back to the organised chaos that is the preparation for visitors.  I did help a bit, but as usual, Scamp was fully in charge of the situation.

The night went well, the pudding I’d made (Creme Caramel) was excellent and a good time was had by all.  Now we just have the clearing up to do.  Half of it is in the dishwasher and the rest can wait until morning.

Good Fun, Good Food and Good Friends.

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