The day the tree came down – 4 January 2017

Today Scamp decided that the Christmas tree must come down along with all the rest of the decorations.  I left her to it. She’s so much better at putting the tree up and taking it down again.  I just load it back into the loft again once the boxes are packed and more parcel tape is applied to the Christmas tree box.  There is very little cardboard to be seen on the box now.  The entire box is almost encased in tape.

While she did that, I was joined in a verbal battle with a representative of John Lewis in the JL War.  It soon became a war of attrition with me doing all the clever verbal fencing and JL’s rep parrying my thrusts with clumsy “Sorry, but ..” and “I’m disappointed but …”.  Eventually it seems to have been escalated to a more senior fencer who I will skirmish with tomorrow.  It’s all playing out on FB.

In the afternoon I drove to Auchinstarry and got some interesting shots varying from landscapes to macros.  The macro shots of the moss was taken on top of a manhole cover.  It was only when I was crouched over the cover that I realised it was a sewer that was under it.  It was a wee bit smelly.  Just one of the sacrifices we make for our art.

Tomorrow morning looks like being cold so I might go out early to get some frosty shots … or I may just stay in bed.  I’m pretty sure the sewing machine will not come tomorrow.  I’m guessing the JL Embra crowd now know who’s been causing all the bother and will make sure it’s not delivered until the very last minute.  Well, that’s what I would do if I were them!!

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