A bright sunny day – 23 November 2016


It was a very bright morning and a very cold morning too, but I decided to get up early (well before 10am) and get out for a walk in the frosty air.  It was quite a good decision.  I took the Nikon with the 70 – 300mm lens and the 105mm macro too.  Just in case there was a decent chance of getting some landscape shots, I took the Oly EPL5 with a 12-32mm lens.  It’s a compact wee camera and lens and can fit easily into my pocket.   Suitably dressed in warm clothing I headed over to St Mo’s and got some decent shots of the frozen plants and stuff.  Only saw a couple of deer in the distance and didn’t have a chance of capturing them in Ones and Zeros on the card.  Came home and had a hot shower to heat myself up and a cup of coffee to warm me internally while I processed the shots and uploaded three of  them to Flickr, the three above.  That was the end of my photographic endeavours for the day.

After lunch which was a couple of bowls of Scamp’s excellent soup, we drove up to the docs to see what medication we needed for foreign climes.  It turned out that we needed a Hep A booster and a Tetanus.  Neither were essential, but we decide we’d be better with them as they’re free anyway.

After that it was time to sort the dinner and get ready for Wednesday Salsa.  As usual, it was cold in the hall, but after a full beginners class we were helping in and an ‘advanced’ class, we were feeling the heat.  The advanced class was nowhere near as demanding as our Monday group, but did give us some well needed exercise.

It looks like another cold night tonight and an equally cold day tomorrow.  Coffee with Val tomorrow and maybe a trip into town after that.

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