Falkirk for Food – 21 November 2019

Today we went for the messages.

Drove to Falkirk to get the ingredients for tomorrow’s dinner with Crawford, Nancy, June and Ian. Scamp wanted to get some Cod Loin and Morrison’s is the place for fresh fish, except not today. Yes, they did have cod, but it didn’t look like there would be enough. They had enough hake, but it didn’t look fresh. They even had cod loin, but it had been pre-packed before being frozen and she really wanted to see what it looked like and preferred it fresh. I had to agree with her decision to reject it.

Drove home and found some decent looking cod fillets in M&S that passed muster. Other things too, passed muster and were added to the message bag. Came for one thing, went out with many. We also were served by Sharlene who was at pains to tell us that M&S had a website with a competition we could enter and win £500 and her name was Sharlene. Every time we visit M&S we get the same spiel and I’m getting really tired with it. I’m also sorry for folk like Sharlene who have to trot out this story to every customer trying to increase the (I forget the three letter abbreviation) efficiency of the sales experience. I’d hate to be working now and have to go through this excruciating and ultimately demeaning plea for ‘likes’. By the way, her name is Sharlene.

I guessed I had an hour to get some decent photo in St Mo’s when I got back and today’s PoD is a shot of an old apple tree in the park with a Lightroom generated sky behind. They’re beginning to dig up all the paths in St Mo’s and it looks a proper mess.  However, it’s not being done by NLC, so hopefully they will stay within the four week allocation for the work and also it will be done properly.  We live in hope.

Made eight panna cottas tonight for tomorrow’s dinner. They’re in the fridge now cooling and hopefully setting.

Tomorrow is Masterchef day when we’ll be slaving over a hot stove all day.

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