JIC and Sim Homeward Bound – 20 November 2016


This morning we drove JIC and Sim to the airport for their flight back down south.  We stopped in Glasgow on our way back for some shopping and a coffee and then returned to an empty house.  It was good to have a busy house for a while, but they had to go back to their own life and Vixen.  Oh yes, and back to work too.  We really did enjoy the visit and Friday was a brilliant day, one we’ll remember for a while.

Back in the land of computers, I finally got the photos backed up on to the new external drive and the battery rallied for a while on the Mac, but it was a temporary respite before it dropped again to 37%, currently 31%.

Salsa in the Garage tonight was uplifting to say the least and we left feeling a lot better than when we went in.

Tomorrow?  Well, tomorrow’s Monday with all that a Monday entails.  Busy, busy, busy.

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