The day that it rained – 17 May 2020

We’ve been waiting for this day for what seems like months, probably only weeks, but today it came dripping out of the grey sky. Rain.

The gardens need it. The grass needs it and the plants definitely need it. The rain is welcome, and like all welcome visitors, it’s important that it knows when to leave. Let’s hope it does.

I didn’t go far because of the rain. I grabbed today’s PoD in the garden and apart from the background, I was happy with it. Couldn’t do much about that background, but it is a bit of a distraction, even with the lens wide open in an attempt to blur it out.

I also potted up a couple of my chilli plants. I’d already potted up the two largest plants yesterday and today I turned my attention to the two weakest members of the chilli family. Both were in terracotta pots and the always end up looking limp after a few days, presumably, because the clay pot soaks up the water and then breathes it out to the atmosphere. When I tapped them out of their pots they were bone dry. Because it was raining outside I did the repotting in the painting room on a piece of old newspaper. The date was around Christmas 2013. Nearly seven years ago! We don’t throw anything out in this house. Gave them a good soak and put them back on the window sill so they could watch the rain.

Today’s topic for Lockdown Library No 35 was A Teabag or Coffee Beans. I’ve tried coffee beans for EDiM last year and it was a pain drawing them all and painting them, so this year I chose a teabag instead. I really enjoyed the the drawing (and the tea, which was English Breakfast). Much better prompt than yesterday. Tomorrow is an EDiM favourite “Your Breakfast”. Dull, Dull, Dull.

Spoke to JIC tonight and envied their ability to travel more freely than us. Their total lockdown has been eased, but Scotland and Wales have retained theirs. It’s becoming a bit boring now. I imagine Nick the Chick is waiting to see if Boris’s lockdown release is going to blow up in his face. If it doesn’t she’ll tentatively release ours. Let’s hope she opens the garden centres soon or Scamp will go crazy.

Tomorrow we are booked to do a “Click ’n’ Collect” at Tesco. This time I think it will be Scamp’s car that will get a chance to get its wheels turning.

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