Tree Climbing Snails and Rain – 26 September 2016

The plans to go swimming this morning didn’t come to fruition.  Perhaps tomorrow.  I did go to the physio and he was quite impressed with the improvement in my shoulder.  He did however still bend me, shake me and stick the inevitable pins in me to see if he could make me jump.

The day had started out with heavy leaden skies, well, they would be heavy if they were made from lead.  However, when I drove down to the leisure centre, the cloud was clearing and there was a touch of blue sky there.  It didn’t last.  While the physio was pinning me down to the table with his acupuncture needles, I could hear the rain battering on the window. The day was going downhill.

It stayed in that downhill frame of mind for most of the afternoon but by about 4 o’clock I was ready to grab the last little bit of sunshine, because there was some, to get a photo or two.  Actually I got four I was pleased with.  Clockwise from top right:

  1. It’s those tree climbing snails again.  Now the slugs are at it too  Are the snails teaching them?  I still don’t know why they do it other than the human answer – because they’re there.  The best answer I’ve read is that they eat fungus or lichen from the bark of the tree.  The stupidest answer is that they want to get away from the heat of the forest floor – Naw!  It’s Scotland!  We don’t get heat in the forest floor … or anywhere else in late September.
  2. I saw this flower blooming away happily in the midst of nothingness.  Not another flowering shrub or weed for miles around and thought it looked a bit lonely, so I took its picture.
  3. Mr Grey looking hunched over and grumpy.  Well, you would be too if you were stuck in the rain in the middle of a pond in Cumbersheugh with a manic photographer constantly chasing you.  Poor old Mr Grey.
  4. I took this shot because I like cowparsley, not to eat, but to photograph.  It wasn’t until I was looking at the pics on the computer and pixel-peeping (viewing the shots at full magnification to see which is sharpest – not to be confused with Chimping which is a completely different affliction) that I noticed the tiny wee snail on the bottom right of the seedhead. I know it’s really hard to see, but click on the composite and it will take you automagically to my Flickr site where you can see the bigger picture.

As you will see from Mr Grey’s picture, it had started raining while I was out.  It was inevitable because as I was walking over to St Mo’s I’d just been complimenting myself on grabbing an hour in the sun taking photos.  Blue sky and sunshine.  I should have known the rain wasn’t far away.

Wild windy, rainy, sunshiny day forecast tomorrow, then Wednesday will be dreadful.

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