Almost Tropical – 11 January 2021

When I got up to make the breakfast today the thermometer was reading 7.9ºc outside. That’s almost tropical!

After a cup of coffee and a quick glance over Flickr, Instagram and FB and, of course a quick pencil in of some clues to today’s Mild sudoku we made our plans for the day. I was still struggling with the A5 calendar for the downstairs toilet and Scamp was driving over to her sister’s to deliver a parcel. I got a bit further with the calendar, but was considering shelling out for a commercial DTP package as all the open source ones had bits missing or a mysterious way of working that I couldn’t follow. The Scamp returned and we had lunch which was yesterday’s soup with some tortellini flung in to add a bit of extra flavour. Now I don’t know if it was the tortellini or the soup, but something didn’t agree with Scamp and we decided to shelf our plans for a walk until everything settled down.

After an hour or so she declared herself a lot better and thought a walk in the fresh air would do her some good. The rain that had been plaguing us on and off had dried up and gone elsewhere, so we got our boots on and went over to St Mo’s to see if the ice had gone. Thankfully it was almost gone, with just a little floating ice island in the middle of the pond for the gulls to land on. I found today’s PoD hanging on the branch of a tree. The white fur of the ear muffs really stood out against the dark of the woods behind.

Walked back and I resigned myself to completing the calendar using Apple Pages and Numbers. The Mac version of Word and Excel respectively. Good because they now come free with the OS, but nothing to write home about or even to write home on. With that said, they were completing the task and after a bit of work I had a master page made.

Not wanting to tempt fate we decided to pass on the Veg Chilli and settled for a standard Monday dinner of ‘Red Spaghetti’. Basically a tomato sauce with whatever the fridge had available and in date flung in. It seemed to work fine with no after effects.

While I had been making dinner, Scamp had been busy, initially making a short list of holiday pictures for the calendar. However she’d also found a folder of photos taken in 2009. Our first cruise, and tonight we sat and watched nostalgically as images of a younger couple, who looked a bit like us but with fewer wrinkles, flitted across the TV screen. Chromecast is a wonderful thing.

Tomorrow looks good in the morning, with the weather deteriorating as the day progresses. Scamp drove her car up to her sister’s today. I might drive mine for us to have a walk along the canal.


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