Looking for Gorillas – 15 July 2021

Out looking for a new Gorillapod.

I think it was JIC who bought me my first Gorillapod many years ago. It’s been well used, but after years of twisting the joints have become loose. Also with my cameras getting heavier and heavier, it’s just not strong enough to hold the big guns. With the prospect of using the 10 stop I was looking for a light, stable support and the Gorillapod fitted the bill perfectly. A Gorillapod is a short, light plastic tripod, only about 30cm high.The one I got today in Currys was capable of holding 3kg. I haven’t tested it yet, but might get round to it tomorrow.

While we were at Coatbridge, Scamp took the opportunity to stock up at M&S. After lunch she decided she needed she needed even more stuff, so she took herself off to The Shops to buy more bargains while I stayed at home and solved today’s Sudoku. It’s a hard life sometimes.

When she came back it was my turn to go out for a walk. I took the Sony round St Mo’s and found I’d forgotten my mask, shopping bag and earbuds. I came back with some photos in the Sony. Grabbed my mask, shopping bag and earbuds and went for a longer walk down the back of St Mo’s to see how construction is progressing. Apparently they are converting two blaes football pitches into a multi-sport games area with a grass football pitch, running track and basketball court. Well, they better get a move on, because there’s not a lot been done so far. I suppose they could argue that it’s holiday time and if they are really stuck they could always play the Covid card. “Oh, it’s because of Covid!”

Found a few interesting shapes and items lying around when I was out and got some photos from them. I walked on to the shops and, like Scamp, bought some stuff, mainly ice cream. Well, it’s what Scamp asked for and it was Thursday! Managed to get back up to the house before it melted. With temperatures rumoured to be hovering around 25º, that was quite a feat.

Sat in the back garden with a beer while Scamp had her usual Pimms. Our neighbour was playing his selection of ‘music’ through a speaker that seemed to be made from an old tin can. Scamp manages to tune things like that out and I was listening to Bobby March Will Live Forever by Alan Parks being read by a Glaswegian voice, so he was left to enjoy the sounds coming from the tin can.

PoD was a backlit leaf left over from autumn. A variety of similar, but varied shot are available to view on Flickr if you so wish.

Tomorrow looks to be similar to today, but perhaps a bit cooler. Thank goodness say some.